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Secure Screening Services


Our success is not only due to the quality of our screening and easy to read reports, it’s also down to our attitude, our approach and the way we treat our clients. We have the expertise to communicate complex things in a clear way. We believe that we should do as we have promised and put the customer first. Our commitment to you will always be to provide you with the correct package with the right information for your needs.


We know that screening is the cornerstone to any organisations success. Getting the right people for the right roles is hugely important and our processes will help you achieve that. Screening will ensure your confidence in your people and allow you to fulfil your legal and regulatory obligations.


Candidate Experience

We know the importance of great screening. It should be a simple process for candidates to follow. Our online portal handles candidate data and eliminates the need for printing out paperwork. The screening partner you choose will reflect on how the candidate sees your company.


Turnaround Times

Many of our checks can be instant and the average turnaround time of a Basic DBS check is two days. However, there are some variables in screening, such as waiting for a reference, but we have great systems in place to ensure you get the screening you want in the fastest times possible.



We will provide you with clear and concise PDF reports on completion of employment screening. Our reports have an easy to read cover sheet that shows the result of the screening followed by a comprehensive report should you want to get into the detail.



With a background in law enforcement, it is instilled in us to act with integrity at all times. We approach each client’s needs individually. We will deliver outstanding customer service.



Our industry requires us to know a whole load of technical jargon. Don’t worry we know that no-one is a fan of jargon and neither are we so we will talk in plain English. We will deliver what we promise. No excuses.



During the years of working together, we have developed a methodology that works. As a client, you will be a part of our team. Congratulations! We will ensure you get the product and service you deserve.


Secure Screening Services strengths stem from its people, products and ethics. We put people first and believe in building strong customer relationships that continue year on year. The team are motivated and ready to help.


Martin Price



Martin worked in law enforcement for over 17 years holding various positions, responsibilities and specialist skills. He was approached by a working partner to break from the police service to embark on a new chapter where his skills and experience can be used in new and exciting ways.


Secure Screening Services allows him to use his skills as a strong and effective communicator to lead the team and help others achieve their objectives. Martin believes in a common sense approach to business and you can expect 100% transparency when working with him. Outside the office, Martin is a keen sailor and aging sportsman.



Mark Aldridge


Mark Aldridge is the chief executive officer of Secure Screening Services and a member of the company’s board of directors. He has been with Secure Screening Services from its inception bringing more than 25 years of technical expertise and management experience to his role with the company.

Mark is a dedicated, loyal, hardworking, conscientious married family man with two children. He is extremely well organised and efficient, capable of handling multiple projects concurrently whilst staying calm under pressure.


Mark is also the founder and managing director of MDA Installations Ltd, a company with an unparalleled reputation for providing exceptional services to the Police and Law Enforcement market. This market has required Mark to have access to extremely sensitive information.

Therefore Integrity, security and confidentiality are at the forefront of every decision he makes. His key strength lies in a strategic understanding of his customer’s requirements in order to deliver the right new products and services.