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About us

About us

We want to be the UK’s most trusted screening services provider, using innovative technology to seamlessly deliver vetted candidates to clients, faster than ever.

Our Mission

We are trusted by thousands of UK companies to help them hire the best talent easily and quickly.

Using cutting-edge technology, and supported by a friendly, accessible team, our secure screening services speed up the recruitment process by delivering vetted candidates to clients without the administrative burden.

Our History

Our business was founded in 2018 by Martin Price and Mark Aldridge, who spotted a gap in the market to move the screening industry forward and provide a solution that couples excellent customer service with reliable, automated processes.

Both Martin and Mark have a background in law enforcement, with over 32 years of experience between them. The two joined forces to create Secure Screening Services with the belief that hiring the right people is the cornerstone of any organisation’s success. Our success is not only due to the quality of our screening, but to our attitude, approach and the way we treat our clients.

For us, customer service is just as imperative today as it was on day one. Our commitment to you never has and will never change.

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Customer service

Customer service



Human touch

Human touch

Easy-to-use online portal

Easy-to-use online portal

Perform checks faster

Perform checks faster

We’re Global

Are you recruiting for your Paris-based office? Got candidates from abroad? No matter where you or your candidates are, we can help. Our screening packages are available worldwide.

Meet The Team

Finding the right person for a job is something that we take incredibly seriously at Secure Screening Services, and this is no different when it comes to hiring our own staff.

Our people are our strength and we are dedicated to building a nurturing, creative and expressive environment that allows our employees to grow into their roles and achieve their goals.

Mark Aldridge

Chief Executive Officer

Mark’s main aim when starting Secure Screening Service was to create a company that was straightforward, simple and – most importantly – human. Having worked with a few other companies in the past to complete DBS checks, he found their automated systems unnecessarily clunky and complicated, and he wanted to build something that was easy to use.

After discovering a passion for engineering, his career blossomed and he worked for a number of companies, as well as starting his own successful engineering business. When he met Martin while working for the police, they hit it off immediately and eventually decided to start a new business together, harnessing their skills and creating a team of like-minded individuals.

As CEO, Mark brings with him a wealth of experience, working closely with Martin to make key decisions and put plans in place to grow the business. He also harnesses his engineering background to ensure the company’s infrastructure and facilities are working correctly.

When he was a kid, Mark wanted to be a racing driver.

Martin Price

Chief Operations Officer

Martin started Secure Screening Services with two goals. Firstly, to improve the landscape of the employee screening industry and provide excellent service for their clients, and secondly to create a team of employees grounded in mutual respect and friendship.

As Chief Operations Officer, Martin is responsible for the overall success and drive of the business, championing tactical operations and ensuring the systems are in place to provide the best service possible.

He is passionate about developing the team at Secure Screening Services and giving people the development and opportunities they need to reach their ambitions.

When he was a kid, he wanted to be a policeman (and he did it!)

Maizie Blight

Head of Sales

Maizie is the Head of Sales here at Secure Screening Services, responsible for managing customer relationships and heading up our new business streams. As one of the first employees of the company, Maizie was originally brought in as one of our Screening Administrators, however she quickly proved herself indispensable and moved up to her current position.

Maizie’s background in hospitality puts her in the ideal position when it comes to understanding and developing customer relationships. She loves the opportunities that Secure Screening Services have given her to learn and grow in her role, believing that the team is what makes the company.

When she was a kid, she wanted to be something different every week!

Jamie Matlock

Head of Data

Jamie’s role is to track everything that happens within the company and bring all of these insights together in a way that can be easily analysed by the rest of the team, helping the business to make the right decisions at the right time.

Jamie and Martin met in the police force, working together on a number of cases by providing data-driven insights. He has since worked with a number of start-up companies to help them better understand their data and use this to grow. He brings with him a wealth of experience within the tech sector and developing fast-growing businesses.

Jamie believes that Secure Screening Services provides the perfect environment for his background, with a team of excellent decision makers around him who thrive on using data insights to develop the business.

When he was a kid, he wanted to be a policeman (goal achieved!)

Beth Davies

Communications Manager

Beth heads up our marketing team and is in charge of all our internal and external communications here at Secure Screening Services, making sure that every single piece of information that we put out into the world is correct and presents us in the right way.

While she started out doing general screening, she quickly moved up through the ranks, using her background in events management to establish herself as a valued and trusted member of the team.

Beth loves building relationships with our clients, making sure they get exactly what they need from us and helping them hire the best people for their own companies.

When she was a kid, she wanted to be a pilot.

Emily Knight

Screening Manager

Emily looks after the day-to-day running of the Screening Team and is the main point of call for team queries, training and setup. She is dedicated to ensuring her team gets everything they need to perform their roles to a high standard and deliver outstanding service to all of our customers.

Emily was previously a team leader for seven years and decided to join the Secure Screening Services team after falling in love with our vision and values and has been a true asset to the company, providing continuous support and a wealth of knowledge for her team.

When she was a kid, she wanted to do theatrical makeup.