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Business woman Secure Screening Services partners with Konfir as part of our mission to be the UK’s most innovative screening company. 13.02.2024 | Secure Screening | Employment Screening A bored-looking female employee working at her laptop. The Vital Role of Social Media Screening in Modern Hiring Practices 06.06.2023 | Secure Screening | Opinion Screening advice Image of someone writing 'background check' on a whiteboard in black ink.

An employer’s complete guide to DBS checks

31.03.2023 | DBS Employment Screening
Image of digital security systems.

Digital ID verification: what’s the deal?

27.03.2023 | Screening advice
A bored-looking female employee working at her laptop.

What does quiet quitting mean?

16.02.2023 | Opinion
Two men shaking hands across a table.

HR management in 2023

03.02.2023 | Opinion Screening advice

Benefits of employment screening

14.12.2022 | Employment Screening Screening advice

Changes to RTW Checks (April 2022)

14.12.2022 | Right to work

How to onboard a new employee

10.11.2022 | Opinion

Why is company culture important?

10.11.2022 | Opinion

An employer’s complete guide to BPSS clearance

24.10.2022 | BPSS Screening

What to do if a candidate fails a background check

10.09.2022 | Screening advice

Should employers use social media to screen job applicants?

05.09.2022 | Screening advice

How much does recruiting cost?

27.07.2022 | Opinion

Right to Work checks – common mistakes and how to avoid them

27.07.2022 | Right to work

What are the legal requirements for Right To Work in the UK?

08.07.2022 | Right to work

Re-screening: why you should be doing it

21.04.2022 | Opinion

Everything you ever wanted to know about Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) checks but were too afraid to ask!

27.10.2021 | DBS Screening advice

What is the difference between BPSS and BS7858 Screening?

14.10.2021 | BPSS Screening BS7858 Screening

What is a Positive Verification Notice?

10.06.2021 | Screening advice

Right to Work: COVID concessions extended

10.06.2021 | Right to work

RTW changes: July 1st

10.06.2021 | Right to work

How screening can help company culture

09.11.2020 | Opinion

BPSS – what you need to know

12.10.2020 | BPSS Screening

Employment screening for home workers

02.10.2020 | Screening advice

How to lose candidates… fast

30.01.2019 | Screening advice

Right to Work checks. What, everyone?

10.07.2018 | Right to work

Can you use open source research in pre-employment screening?

02.07.2018 | Screening advice