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Which DBS check?

Which DBS check?
Posted on Saturday, June 30, 2018

So, there are essentially three levels of DBS check. Not everyone has access to each one and it depends on what the person checked will be doing in their employment or if they are involved in certain professions as to which one will be right for you, more on that to follow.

Basic Check

Ok so the first check is a Basic check. This is available to all employers. It will give you details of any past convictions. The basic check does not expire. The Basic DBS for businesses to ensure that individuals are not placed into an inappropriate environment.

Standard Check

The second check is the Standard check. This covers more aspects of criminal history. As well non-spent convictions included in the Basic check this covers police cautions, and reprimands. This check is used for the health care, financial, educational and legal professions amongst some others.

Enhanced Check

The Enhanced DBS check covers the information in the previous two checks plus any relevant held intelligence. This check is specifically used for people working with children and vulnerable adults. The ‘barred list’ is a record of people who are banned for working with these groups of people and can be checked also.

There is a caveat to this where some convictions do become spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.

A conviction of 4 years and over is never spent. A sentence from 30 months to 4 years for an adult takes 7 years to be purged. A sentence less than 6 months will take 2 years to be removed. The ‘barred list’ is there to prevent any persons slipping through the net whereas before some offences would be purged.

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