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We know that screening is the cornerstone to any organisations success. Getting the right people for the right roles is hugely important and our processes will help you achieve that. Screening will ensure your confidence in your people and allow you to fulfil your legal and regulatory obligations.

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All employers in the UK have to complete Right to Work Checks before employing someone to prevent illegal working. Our right to work checks makes compliance easier, whether you are onboarding a few employees or hundreds.


At Secure Screening Services we have removed the hassle out of the process with our fully automated screening

Right to work process
Right to work process

Frequently asked questions

From the 6th April, 2022, the Government updated its Right to Work guidance facilitating the use of online, right to work checks. Government accredited Identity Service Providers (IDSPs) can therefore use this facility to remotely verify the identity of people with appropriate documents – removing the responsibility for employers to physically check, ratify and record these documents.

An accredited Identity Service Provider (IDSP) uses Identification Document Validation Technology (IDVT) to read in-date, biometric UK and Irish passports to correlate this information with an image of the candidates’ face as submitted with their application. Facial-recognition technology, in conjunction with IDVT,  confirms the identity of the candidate, and with it their Right to Work.

No. As an employer, digital identity verification and the digital Right to Work scheme mean that you no longer have to check and ratify your candidates’ documents if you use an accredited Identity Service Provider (IDSP)! This facility is approved by the Government and uses biometric facial matching to confirm that your candidate is using their own document and not one belonging to someone else. The only responsibility of the employer is to confirm that the person who turns up to work matches the identity of the person verified during the Right to Work check – i.e. they are your candidate!

Yes. The digital Right to Work scheme is Government approved and requires an accredited Identity Service Provider (IDSP) to complete the checks. Identification Document Validation Technology (IDVT) is used in conjunction with biometric facial matching to confirm that your candidate is using their own identity document and negating imposter fraud. A report will be produced confirming the authenticity of the candidate’s identity document and the level of confidence in the reading.

The digital Right to Work process has a number of advantages for both the employer and candidate. Speed – document validation technology in conjunction with biometric facial matching provides a quick and convenient process and removes the need for organising a face-to-face meeting. Hassle free, robust checking – Identification Document Validation Technology (IDVT) removes the responsibility of physically scrutinising and ratifying documents presented to you. Error minimisation – as well as ensuring the validity of documents, digital Right to Work removes the human error associated with recording passport details, providing you with a quickly generated, accurate identity verification.

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"Secure Screening Services are a valuable partner to our business. As a recruitment agency, we are required to perform background checks for a number of our Clients in a short period of time which can be an administrational burden and also time-consuming. Their platform is very easy to use with the team providing quick results."

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