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How it Works

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Simply register an account with us, add your candidates and leave the rest to us!

With our automated services you can get your candidate's vetted in no time, we've introduced digital identity and instant employment verification to speed up the time it takes to carry our employment screening. Whilst our automated checks are designed to make your life easier, we’re always on the other end of the phone to help if you need to speak to someone.

What to expect...

Getting started with us couldn't be easier! Once you have registered you can begin to create your own bespoke screening package or you can start adding your candidates and choose one of our pre-set packages. To add your candidates you will need their full legal name and their email address. Your candidates will receive an email from us which will contain a link to our online screening form, once the form is completed and the required information has been provided we can begin to process the checks. Lastly, when the checks are complete and a final report has been published you can download it from our system. That's it!

With our easy to use screening portal you can track the progress of your candidate's screening by logging in any time. We'll keep you up to date by email too!