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The future of Digital Identity is here

Simplifying ID Verification with advanced technologies.

We believe that digital is essential for an efficient and streamlined screening process. That's why we offer comprehensive Digital Identity solutions that go beyond traditional methods. From Right to Work Checks to ID Verification and DBS Checks, we ensure a seamless, quick, and accurate verification process, which benefits both employers and candidates at no additional fee.

Understanding Digital Identity

A Digital Identity represents an individual's persona as used by them for online transactions or interactions. It involves the use of digital technology to verify and authenticate a person's identity through various means, such as documentation, personal data, biometric data, behavioural data, and more. Digital Identity has revolutionised the way we verify identities, making it faster, more accurate, and incredibly efficient.

The Power of Digital Identity

Perform checks faster


Our Digital Identity solutions drastically reduce the time spent on verification processes. This means faster hiring, allowing you to onboard the best talents swiftly.

Bullseye on target


Traditional manual checks are prone to human error. Our digital solutions offer precise verifications, ensuring you make informed and accurate decisions.

Tick compliance


Stay compliant with employment laws. Our Digital Identity services ensure you adhere to all regulations, reducing the risk of potential penalties.


Enhanced Candidate Journey

The seamless, quick, and hassle-free screening process provided by our Digital Identity services offers a positive experience for the candidates, enhancing their overall journey with your organisation.



We prioritise the security of your data. Our advanced technologies ensure your information is encrypted and secure.

Save money


By digitising and automating the verification process, Digital Identity helps reduce administrative costs, making the screening process more cost-effective.

Through our commitment to leveraging Digital Identity, we are changing the face of background screening checks. Reach out today to learn more about how our services can enhance your screening process.


What is the IDVT and how does it relate to the Right to Work in the UK?

IDVT, or Identification Document Validation Technology, is a new requirement in the UK for verifying the right to work of prospective employees. This technology, used through a Digital Identity service provider (IDSP), allows employers to verify that potential employees have the necessary documentation to legally work in the UK. This applies to all businesses, regardless of size. This process can be used for any British and Irish citizen who holds a valid passport, including Irish passport cards

Why have the rules for Right to Work checks changed in the UK?

The changes to the Right to Work checks were introduced due to the difficulties posed by the pandemic, which made face-to-face checks difficult. The government initially introduced the option to verify an employee's right to work through video calls, also known as adjusted checks. However, concerns about the increased potential for fraudulent applications led to the introduction of the IDVT. Starting from 30 September 2022, employers will need to conduct checks in one of three ways: a manual, in-person check, a check using IDVT via a third-party provider, or a Home Office online right to work check.

What are the benefits of using Digital Identity for DBS checks?

Digital Identity streamlines the DBS check process by providing quick and accurate identity verification, speeding up the overall process. It reduces the risk of errors in the application process, makes it easier to track the status of an application, and ensures a seamless experience for the candidate.

Can a Digital Identity be used for all levels of DBS checks?

Yes, a Digital Identity can be used for all levels of DBS checks - Basic, Standard, and Enhanced. The Digital Identity verifies the individual's details, which are then used for the DBS check, ensuring the accuracy of the information used for the DBS process.

How does Digital Identity improve the accuracy of employment background checks?

Digital Identity enhances the accuracy of background checks by providing a broader overview of an individual's past. It includes traditional verification methods and also scrutinises online and digital footprints for a more complete information set.

How does Digital Identity verification help in preventing employment fraud?

Digital Identity verification can prevent employment fraud by validating an individual's credentials and identity through online databases, reducing the risk of identity theft, falsified credentials, or misleading employment histories.

How does Secure Screening Services ensure privacy in Digital Identity checks during employment background screening?

Secure Screening Services strictly adheres to privacy laws and regulations, including GDPR. We only gather information relevant to the employment decision, only with the explicit consent of the candidate, and ensure that all information collected is used solely for the purpose of the background check. We respect individuals' data rights at all stages.

How secure is my data during a Digital Identity check by Secure Screening Services?

Secure Screening Services uses robust security measures to ensure the highest level of data protection. We comply with international security standards, and all data is encrypted both at rest and in transit.

What is a Digital Identity in the context of employment background screening?

Digital identity refers to the information about an individual that exists online. In the context of employment background screening, a Digital Identity usually encompasses personal identifiers like name, address history, National Insurance number, online activities and publicly available professional data.