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Traditionally, verifying employment history is time-consuming, involving outreach to past employers and document collection. Instant Employment Verification simplifies this. Candidates grant one-time account access, enabling us to swiftly verify their work history. In short, less hassle for the candidate and faster results for you.

We're excited to bring you a future where instant, secure, and reliable employment verification is the norm. Trust us to revolutionise your pre-employment screening process.

The Benefits of Instant Employment Verification


Enhanced Candidate Experience

Our instant verification eases the candidate's experience by eliminating the need for contacting prior employers or acquiring old payslips, improving your recruitment process.


Accelerated Hiring Process

By speeding up employment verification, we enable you to make hiring decisions quicker than ever before.


Safe, Secure, Easy to Use

As pre-employment screening specialists, we ensure safety, security, and optimal user experience. We use Open Banking certified by the DCMS Trust Framework, the government-approved system accesses only necessary data.

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Reduced Human Error

By eliminating manual checks, we also reduce the potential for errors and discrepancies that can lead to screening delays.

Trusted. Efficient. Secure.

Access pass

One-Time Access

We require single access to a candidate's bank account for employment history verification.


Strict Data Protection

We apply strict data protection, not storing financial data, and using data only for verification.

Consent based


Our fully consent-based process lets candidates grant access at will, allowing data access only with explicit permission.


What is Instant Employment Verification?

It allows banks and other financial institutions to share user data securely with third-party providers via APIs, provided they have the user's consent. Underpinned by PSD2 (2018) & CMA Order (2016), UK legislation mandates banks to maintain standardised, regulated Open APIs.

How does Secure Screening Services use banking data for employment verification?

Secure Screening Services uses Open Banking data to verify a candidate's employment history instantly. We only require one-time access to the candidate's bank account to confirm their dates of employment directly from the source. This streamlines the screening process, making it faster and more reliable.

Is it safe to use Open Banking data for employment verification?

Yes, it's safe. We strictly adhere to data protection standards and only access candidate data with explicit consent. We do not store any financial data from the candidate’s bank account and only use the data for employment verification purposes. We only require and obtain one-time access to the candidate’s bank statements and this is clearly stated within the process.

What are the benefits of Instant Employment Verification to employers?

Instant Employment Verification streamlines the hiring process, reducing the time and resources needed to confirm a candidate's employment history. It also reduces the potential for errors and discrepancies, ensuring that you hire the right candidate.

What benefits does Instant Employment Verification offer to candidates?

Candidates benefit from a smoother, quicker recruitment process. They no longer have to contact previous employers or provide old payslips, making the application process less stressful and more efficient.

Do I have control over my data when using Instant Employment Verification?

Yes, absolutely. The entire process is consent-based. We can only access data you specifically given consent for us to view.

What happens if I change banks or open a new account?

Our system works with Open Banking data from all major banks. If you change banks or open a new account, we'll simply require one-time access to the new account to verify your employment history.

Who is eligible to undertake Instant Employment Verification?

Full-time employees, part-time employees, independent contractors, contract employees and gig economy workers who have a bank account within the UK and Ireland.

Can Instant Employment Verification be used for BPSS Clearance and BS7858 Clearance?

Yes, Instant Employment Verification will significantly speed up the clearance process and as stated within both standards, we only need to confirm the dates of employment and therefore, do not need to obtain written references when completing BPSS Clearance and BS7858 Clearance. Instant Employment Verification can also support gap analysis to meet both clearance standards where possible.