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How to lose candidates... fast

30.01.2019 | Dan | Screening advice Back To Blog Posts

So, you screen your people, great news! You are on your way to safeguarding both your organisation and current workforce. Whether you only complete employment referencing and a criminal record check or you employ a whole range of background checks as part of your employee vetting, there’s a whole lot more to consider….

When was the last time that you reviewed the candidate’s experience during the screening process? When was the last time you reviewed your processes and checked that they were fit for purpose? The screening company you choose will significantly reflect on how your new employees view your organisation.

Candidate experience is everything and is something that is often overlooked and rarely reviewed. Your candidate does not want to spend two days of their life filling out forms and collating data prior to being employed to do the role. So, ask yourself the question; would you put your family in economy when you could seat them in business class for the same cost?

What do you look for when choosing a screening partner? Do you simply look for the cheapest price or stick with the same company that you’ve always used even though the service levels are questionable and getting through to someone when you need to seems an impossible task?

Sometimes, changing a supplier seems like too big of a task, but we all know it’s not. A small amount of time invested in looking at the options is often time and money saved in the long run. Finding a provider that can react to an instant starter or provide extra support to a candidate throughout the process is invaluable.

Outdated practises

There are several outdated practices being used within the screening industry. Why would you pay a screening company to sign up to their portal or commit to several checks that you might not want to use just because there is a minimum usage clause? When you go to the shop you don’t pay to enter before you buy. You only pay for what you want. These practices are outdated and not working for the consumer.

So, ask yourself the following questions;

  • Do we think about the candidate experience foremost?
  • Are you suffering poor customer service?
  • Do I screen to the right levels for the right roles?
  • Is my current supplier responsive, competent and convenient?

At Secure Screening Services, the candidate experience is key and is central to everything we do. So, if you think you could be doing more to improve your candidate experience, or you could just simply improve what you currently do then we can help.

With candidates being shrewder than ever when choosing who to work for, organisations need to do more to safeguard their reputations. With the increase in company review sites such as Glassdoor, it has never been easier for the candidate to find out how your business treats its employees. Make sure that you are doing everything right to set the tone of your organisation from the first point of contact.

The screening process is a huge part of onboarding, let us help you to get that right. Contact us today and let’s talk about how we can help.