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HR management in 2023

03.02.2023 | securesdev | Opinion Screening advice Back To Blog Posts

The past two and a half years have brought about challenges and accelerated workplace transformation. HR managers have had to adapt to technology, automation, and employees working remotely.

The emergence of the energy crisis and rising bills in 2022 will also continue to pose tough dilemmas for HR managers in 2023. For instance, whether companies should pay to cover the cost of household bills for employees working remotely full-time.

Going into 2023, HR managers in the UK need to be realistic about the uncertain economic times ahead and the fact we may soon be entering a recession. But what will HR management look like in 2023? Well, given that employees are the beating heart and soul of any successful business, HR management in 2023 is set to be employee-centric and people-focused. A recent Gartner survey reported that 47% of HR leaders cite employee experience as a top priority for 2023.

We at Secure Screening Services take a look into the world of HR management in 2023 and the changes HR managers can expect to see.

What challenges will HR managers face in 2023?

The cost of living crisis, together with the National Institute of Economic and Social Research projecting that inflation will remain well above 3% for all of 2023, means that HR managers will need to assess whether they can afford to raise employees’ salaries accordingly.

Aside from pay rises, HR managers must think about other meaningful benefits and rewards they can offer to employees. This could be help with childcare costs, travel expenses, and private healthcare. It’s essential for HR managers to make sure they keep employee morale high during testing times.

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Adequate rewards and benefits should help to ensure staff feel valued and fully appreciated, and this should improve retention rates. After all, no business wants its top-performing employees consistently deciding to leave to go and work elsewhere.

An emphasis on improved employee wellbeing

Your employees will most likely be feeling a bit of extra external pressure in 2023 as a result of rising inflation, hefty bills to pay, and families to look after. With this in mind, employee wellbeing and taking the right steps to look after staff properly will be more important than ever for HR managers.

Want to attract top applicants to join your company and bolster your business in 2023? You need to be aware that employers need to demonstrate to candidates searching for jobs that you can provide outstanding comprehensive wellness programs that emphasise prioritising employee mental health and happiness.

In a study in 2022, almost half of employees (46%) said they’d worked in recent months despite feeling physically or mentally well enough to perform their duties. So, in 2023, employers ought to put things in place like wellness support programmes. Help your team stay in healthy condition physically and mentally and ready to fire on all cylinders at work.

A move to digital and automation

Technology is developing at a lightning speed. This is having a major impact on the nature of the daily tasks carried out by HR management. Essential HR processes such as administration, such as recruitment, screening, paperwork, payroll, paychecks, employee benefits, and more will continue to become automated in 2023.

Digital transformation does an effective job of speeding up and streamlining the pre-employment screening phase of the recruitment process. We at Secure Screening Services are at the forefront of using cutting-edge automation to make your screening process simpler. In early 2023, we’re set to launch digital ID verification and automated referencing.

Our automated screening packages help to save HR managers and employers from having to spend lots of precious time (and money!) carrying out tedious manual HR tasks in 2023. As the saying goes, time is money in business, and moving to digital automation in HR makes practical business sense.

Talent shortage

Since the pandemic, there has been an upwards trend of 50-70-year-olds leaving the workplace or deciding not to return. HR managers in 2023 will thereby have to contend with a talent shortage due to a significant number of young people lacking the relevant required skills for jobs.

HR managers in 2023 need to step up their recruitment efforts a couple of notches so that in spite of the challenging climate, they still manage to find the right people that their organisation needs to propel itself forward.


We at Secure Screening Services offer a fast and professional pre-employment screening service that will help improve your recruitment process considerably and give you peace of mind as an HR manager that you’re interviewing the right people.

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