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Benefits of employment screening

14.12.2022 | Dan | Screening advice Back To Blog Posts

There are many reasons why the smart thing to do is to screen the people we employ.

There are many areas of legislation which say that you must check certain details before employing someone… I will come onto that. There is also the matter of employing someone that could do vast damage to your brand or reputation.

Here are the reasons why screening is the smart thing to do;

Ok so, the Right to Work Check isn’t a new thing and has been enforceable in its current form since May 2014. Every employee needs to have been through a check, no matter where they were born. Signing an ID document and placing it in a recruitment file does not provide you a ‘statutory excuse’. There are many nuances to the Rights to Work Check; for example, did you know that if you employed a Romanian worker and didn’t supply the rear of their national identity card, which is blank by the way, this is non-compliant and a breach of the Rights to Work check! There is a £20,000 fine per person if you get it wrong!

What if people you employ drive during their working day? There’s nothing unusual about that but as the employer have you checked that they have a valid driving licence to do so? Yes, that’s right you must check. A physical look at the licence isn’t enough. There are a couple of bits of legislation that might catch you out should the worst happen, and your employee be involved in an incident on the road in which the law has been broken. The Road Traffic Act 1988 says that a person is guilty of an offence if they allow, cause or permit the person to drive.

This means if your employee is guilty of an offence, you are also guilty of allowing, causing or permitting that offence. If that isn’t terrifying enough this is also covered under the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007. Fines for this one are unlimited. You must check that your employee has a driving licence which is in date, allows the person to drive the classification of vehicle required and lets you know if they have any points.

We hear horror stories all the time around the damage employees can do to businesses. Only this week a lady was found guilty of defrauding her employer of £16,000 by crediting her own accounts through a hotel where she was employed. She had previous for fraud…

We all work every day to enhance our brand and reputation. You cannot afford to let this be damaged by someone acting recklessly or carelessly with your business when reputation is everything. It wasn’t that long ago massive damage was caused to two, well-known, large charity organisations, whereby the disgraceful behaviour of some of the volunteers and employees had a huge cost to the organisations reputation and consequently literally cost them, in millions of pounds in donations and funding.

So, here’s the big question… Can screening your staff eradicate this risk totally? Well in truth screening alone will not totally guarantee these types of things won’t happen, but it can dramatically reduce the risk. If organisations have a robust screening process coupled with working practices that allow regular oversight and/or a strong audit process this risk can be managed out.

Why vett employees

Well if the above isn’t enough to convince you that it’s the smart thing to do then did you know that (and the figures widely vary) from 40-70% of people are not honest on their CV? Who knew! It might be as little as changing a pass to merit on a qualification, or it could be a total fabrication of the truth from start to finish.

Gone are the days when we went with our gut. Maybe as a business owner, it’s what you’ve always done, but what if it’s someone else’s instincts that you are trusting in your organisation? Why leave this to chance? You only have to be wrong once. It’s all about minimising risk and preventing problems down the line. Recruitment can be expensive and that’s why you need to make sure you get the right person first time.

Why would you not? Why would you not protect against government fines? Why would you not protect against insider threat? Why would you not make sure you’re getting the right person to fit into your team.?Why would you not make sure that the candidate was suitable for your industry and qualified? Why would you not show due diligence and protect your organisational reputation? Why would you leave all this to chance? It doesn’t make good business sense. In fact, it doesn’t make sense at all.

So don’t be that company that says, ‘we thought of doing that, but we weren’t too sure how, or we didn’t know where to look or we didn’t know we had to’. Fines don’t care that you were trying to do the right thing but didn’t get it quite right.

Secure Screening Services can take all this pain away. We can provide you with the solutions to the problems you face getting employment screening right. We help companies make sure that they have the right level of screening for their industry/business. We can give you a free screening consultation to make sure you are fully covered. If you are inspected by the CQC we can make sure that your screening meets their robust standards or if you are a charity we can keep you compliant with the new Charity Commission guidelines around the screening of your people.

Screening doesn’t need to take a huge amount of time or be prohibitively expensive, but it doesn’t make any sense to take the risk.

If you are interested in our services or would simply like to find out a little bit more information about why you should screen your people then please get in contact with us by calling us on 01243 767868 or dropping us an email to