Secure Screening Services partners with Konfir...
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Secure Screening Services partners with Konfir...

2024-02-13 | Secure Screening | Employment Screening Back To Blog Posts

Secure Screening Services partners with Konfir as part of our mission to be the UK’s most innovative screening company.

Most will tell you that gaining BPSS clearance to get your workforce onto site or through the recruitment process is an arduous task that requires a dedicated person to solely work on just that. In some cases this may well have been true, particularly because BPSS checks must be completed in a certain way to ensure that all checks meet the standards required. One of the most important factors to consider is the safety and reputation of the business by being sure of who you are employing, and that’s why conducting these checks is so important.

In a world that is dominated by digital technology it’s imperative that as a company delivering a service, the latest technologies are embraced, and innovation is at the core of every day thinking. So, when it comes to looking at ways the client and candidate journey can be improved, it was clear that Konfir were well aligned to Secure Screening Services’ way of modernising an archaic approach to retrieving the history of a candidate’s employment. It was clear that by partnering with Konfir that screening times could be accelerated and the client and candidate journey could be much improved.

‘One of the key factors that set Secure Screening Services apart in the world of BPSS checks is their commitment to embracing cutting-edge technology. Digital ID integration is at the forefront of their strategy. This integration includes advanced features including Right To Work checks, liveness tests and passport checks, ensuring both speed and accuracy in the verification process.’ - Tom McAuliffe at Konfir

Konfir are a UK-based employment verification platform, who, via an API are now integrated within the Secure Screening Services’ portal to enable candidates to instantly verify their employment history via their bank, Government Gateway account or their payroll provider. A process that could previously have taken a few days (or even weeks!) can now take a matter of minutes.

‘The most significant part of Secure Screening Services’s BPSS checks is their Work History checks via Instant Employment Verification. These checks delve into an individual’s employment history over the last 3 years; a crucial aspect of determining their suitability for sensitive roles. Secure Screening Services uses a combination of data sources and methods, including Open Banking, Payroll data, HMRC data, document uploads, directorship checks, and manual references as a last resort.’ - Tom McAuliffe at Konfir

In summary, by expediting the BPSS clearance process while simultaneously fortifying against fraud, we are setting new benchmarks for efficiency and reliability. This endeavour not only enhances our service offerings but also reinforces the trust and confidence our clients place in us.