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Re-screening: why you should be doing it

Re-screening: why you should be doing it

21.04.2022 | Dan | Opinion Back To Blog Posts

Whilst pre-employment screening is now firmly embedded in the recruitment process for most companies, many overlook the importance of ensuring that their current employees remain suitable for their roles. When companies fail to ensure the ongoing suitability of current staff – who have ready access to sensitive company information and customer data, but whose circumstances may have altered significantly from when they were initially recruited – they are exposing themselves to considerable potential risk.

So, what exactly is re-screening, and why should you be doing it?

Re-screening is the term coined to describe the process of conducting further screening checks on current employees, usually after a set period of employment or upon promotion/re-deployment, and it should be seen as an integral part of any robust and reliable background screening programme.

Without an ongoing employee screening programme, you will be relying on outdated information regarding your existing employees’ situations and their continued suitability for either their current or future role within your company. Whilst some, potentially more senior, employees may have joined your company at a time when background screening wasn’t as commonplace as it is now, other employees may well have passed their pre-employment screening with flying colours, and yet their circumstances may have changed to a significant degree since then.

An employee’s suitability for your company can change for myriad reasons, and without a robust and effective re-screening policy, you simply won’t know. Consider the damage that could be done to your company’s reputation by continuing to employ a staff member whose criminal record, driving record or financial management had worsened during the course of their employment, potentially making them unsuitable for their role, or simply no longer a good fit for your company.

The systematic re-screening of your workforce not only ensures that all your employees remain capable of performing their roles to a high standard, but also that they are legally entitled to do so. By taking a proactive stance to identifying potential threats from within your organisation, you will be safeguarding your company’s reputation now, and in the future.

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