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Baseline Personnel Security Standard, commonly referred to as BPSS is used by employers who want to: mitigate risk, prevent unauthorised access to sensitive data and avoid employing a candidate with malicious intentions.

We understand that screening can seem like a laborious task that requires your time and attention to ensure it is completed to the standards required. This is where we come in...let us take the leg work out of gaining BPSS clearance so that you can concentrate on the rest of your workload.

What’s included in BPSS clearance?

BPSS Clearance

  • Basic DBS Check (Disclosure & Barring Service)
  • A Basic DBS check helps ensure an individual has no unspent convictions, enhancing trust and safety in recruitment and decision-making processes.

  • ID Check
  • An ID Check verifies the identity of an individual. ID checks are carried out to prevent fraud, check for illegal activity and fundamentally confirm that the person is who they claim to be.

  • Right to Work check
  • This check confirms a person's legal right to work status. Failing to carry out sufficient right to work checks can result in fines and penalties, which can ultimately damage a company’s reputation.

  • 3-Year Employment History Check
  • This check instantly verifies the employment history of an individual. The purpose of this check is to ensure that the information provided by the candidate regarding their previous employment is accurate and truthful.

By embracing new technologies we're now able to perform checks even faster with the use of Digital Identity and Instant Employment Verification. This improved approach doesn't just speed up the screening for you, but provides a smoother experience for your candidates too.


How it works

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At Secure Screening Services, we take the complexity out of BPSS clearance.

Our user-friendly and GDPR-compliant online screening portal can be accessed anytime, anywhere, ensuring the prompt turnaround times you need. When complete, we provide you with a full report for your records and as proof of BPSS clearance for clients or auditors.

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What is BPSS Clearance?

BPSS Clearance, or Baseline Personnel Security Standard screening, is a fundamental pre-employment check in the UK, conducted to ensure the security of individuals who have access to sensitive government information. This screening verifies an individual's identity, employment history, criminal record, and right to work in the UK.

Why is BPSS Screening Important?

BPSS screening is crucial to safeguard your organisation against potential security threats. It helps ensure that new hires are reliable, trustworthy, and have integrity, thereby reducing the risk of insider threats, data breaches, and fraudulent activities.

What Does BPSS Screening Involve?

BPSS screening involves four primary checks: Identity Check, Right to Work Verification, Employment History Verification, and a Criminal Record Check. These checks aim to establish the trustworthiness of potential employees.

How Long Does BPSS Screening Take?

The duration of BPSS screening can vary based on several factors, including the candidate's responsiveness and the complexity of their employment history.

Is BPSS Screening Mandatory?

While BPSS screening is not legally mandatory, it is a best-practice standard often required for jobs within or related to the UK Government. Additionally, many private sector organisations adopt BPSS as a robust pre-employment screening process.

How Long is a BPSS Clearance Valid?

A BPSS clearance is generally considered valid for 3 years from the date of issue. However, organisations may choose to renew or validate the clearance more frequently based on their internal policies or the nature of the role.

How can BPSS Screening Protect my Business?

By verifying the identity, background, and credibility of potential employees, BPSS screening helps protect your business from potential internal security threats. It enhances trust in your workforce and maintains the integrity of your organisation.

What Happens If a Candidate Fails BPSS Screening?

If a candidate fails BPSS screening, they might be deemed unsuitable for the role, particularly if it involves access to sensitive information. However, failure does not necessarily mean automatic rejection; the decision will depend on the nature of the discrepancy and its relevance to the job role.

Can a Candidate Start Work Before BPSS Screening is Complete?

While it's possible for a candidate to begin work before the BPSS screening is complete, it's recommended to wait for the clearance for roles that involve access to sensitive information. This ensures maximum security and reduces potential risks.

What is SC Clearance?

SC clearance, or Security Check clearance, is a level of security vetting in the United Kingdom that allows individuals to access sensitive government information and work on projects with a classified nature. It involves a thorough background check, including identity verification, criminal record checks, employment history, and personal references. SC clearance is typically required for roles involving national security, defence, intelligence, or handling classified information. It demonstrates that an individual has been assessed and granted the necessary level of trust and reliability to work with sensitive information. SC clearance is subject to regular reviews and must be maintained to ensure continued access to classified material. BPSS Clearance is the stepping stone to SC Clearance.

BPSS Clearance: What You Need to Know for Enhanced Security

In today's world, ensuring the security and integrity of sensitive information is of utmost importance. One crucial step in this process is obtaining BPSS (Baseline Personnel Security Standard) clearance.

Below, we delve into the significance of BPSS clearance, its requirements, and how it can benefit individuals and organisations.

1. Understanding BPSS Clearance:

BPSS clearance is a fundamental security measure designed to evaluate an individual's suitability for accessing certain types of information or working in specific roles. It stands as a foundation for higher levels of security clearance.

The clearance process involves a thorough background check, including identity verification, employment history, criminal record checks, and references. BPSS clearance aims to ensure that individuals with access to sensitive information or critical roles meet the necessary security standards.

2. Requirements for BPSS Clearance:

To obtain BPSS clearance, individuals typically need to provide a range of information and undergo various checks. The requirements may include proof of identity (such as a passport or driving license), verification of addresses, employment history details, educational qualifications, and personal references.

The process may also involve criminal record checks and financial history assessments. The specific requirements can vary depending on the organisation and the level of access to sensitive information involved.

3. Benefits of BPSS Clearance:

BPSS clearance offers several benefits for individuals and organisations alike. For individuals, having BPSS clearance can enhance employability, particularly for roles that require handling sensitive information or working in secure environments. It demonstrates a commitment to security and can open doors to opportunities in various industries, including government, defence, finance, and IT.

For organisations, BPSS clearance ensures that only trustworthy individuals with a clean background gain access to sensitive information, reducing the risk of data breaches, fraud, and insider threats.

4. The Importance of BPSS Clearance for Security:

BPSS clearance plays a vital role in safeguarding sensitive information and critical systems. It helps prevent unauthorised access to classified data, protects national security interests, and minimises the potential for security breaches.

By conducting comprehensive background checks and ensuring that individuals meet the necessary security standards, organisations can maintain a secure environment and instil confidence in their clients and stakeholders.

BPSS clearance acts as an essential layer of defence against threats posed by espionage, terrorism, and malicious activities that could compromise national or corporate security.

In an increasingly interconnected world, BPSS clearance is a crucial component of comprehensive security protocols. By verifying individuals' identities, employment history, and references, BPSS clearance ensures that only trustworthy individuals gain access to sensitive information and critical roles.

Embracing BPSS clearance benefits both individuals and organisations, strengthening security measures and maintaining integrity in an ever-evolving landscape of threats.