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As BPSS screening ensures that organisations are employing people who are entitled to work in the UK with the honesty, integrity and values needed for government-related work, it is also an excellent standard of vetting for any industry. Upon completion, we provide a full report for your own records and as proof of BPSS clearance for clients or auditors. Detailed government guidance on BPSS can be found here.

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When you select us as your screening partner, whether it’s for our BPSS service or other pre-employment screening, you’re choosing a service with a fast turnaround time that’s competitively priced, with a process that’s designed to be simple. For example, we know everyone hates having to fruitlessly trawl through a website looking for prices, only to then have to email a sales team and endure the sales pitch before you can find out how much the service will cost you! As we focus on your needs, not our own, we have easy to find pricing on our website.

With no minimum order or sign up cost, you only ever pay for the checks you need through our easy to use portal. If you have a high volume of candidates to screen then you can make use of our bulk upload facility, giving you more time to spend on your to-do list (or enjoying a well-deserved coffee break on us!)

We're not big fans of email contact forms, automated phone services and signposting to FAQ pages when all you want to do is speak to someone. That’s why our phone will always be answered by one of our screening team who are ready to help you out. Whether you need us to prioritise your candidate to hit a tight deadline or you just want to check that we’ve received your payment, we’re always just a phone call away.

Frequently asked questions

Introduced in 2006, Baseline Personnel Security Standard, or BPSS for short, is the required level of screening for any individuals requiring access to the Public Securities Network and those working with government departments, such as the military, government contractors, anyone who may have access to government material, including information classified as Secret or Top Secret. It is also the standard level of screening in the communications, energy and financial sectors.

BPSS checks were introduced to help safeguard national security; confirming an individual’s identity and both their right to work in the UK and their capability to undertake the required work reduces the risk of identity fraud and people working illegally. Further, the BPSS check ensures that those with access to potentially sensitive information are of previous good character, thus providing a level of assurance as to that individual’s trustworthiness, honestly and integrity.

In short, BPSS screening is a procedure that can protect your organisation and your staff from any fraudulent employment applications. It is also the only reliable way to avoid risks of inadvertently employing illegal workers and any reputational exposure associated with not having a comprehensive understanding of your team members' background.

The BPSS involves the following screening checks:

  1. Electronic verification of identity, including name, any aliases, address and linked accounts.
  2. Basic DBS to screen for any unspent convictions.
  3. Right to Work check, covering nationality, immigration status and the right to carry out the required work.
  4. Employment history check, covering a minimum of the preceding 3 years.
  5. Scrutiny of any periods of 6 months or longer spent abroad in the preceding 3 years, in accordance with the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006.

As we have seen, BPSS screening is mandatory in some industries and for some positions. However , it's essential to appreciate that this level of scrutiny isn't reserved for placements with compulsory permits and is a baseline for excellence in recruitment best practise across the board. Consequently, in recent years it has become commonplace across all sectors to request more robust pre-employment checks, which typically include the 4 standards of the BPSS. Indeed, many applicants welcome the opportunity to have a comprehensive background verification , which both solidifies the information provided during the application process and showcases that they have the integrity and trustworthiness you need to represent your organisation.

Taking on new team members can be exciting and part of an opportunity for a business to gain fresh energy, new insights and expand its services into new areas. It is, therefore, critical to balance out any risk factors and put security first to make sure you make sound judgements about which hires are a great fit.

A key element in BPSS assessments is the requirement to ensure that all agency workers or contingent staff are verified and background checked in precisely the same way as other employees, whether they are:

  • Full-time, permanent staff;
  • Part-time workers;
  • Long-standing employees;
  • Short-term hires;
  • Agency placements;
  • Occasional workers;
  • Contractors.

Having an across-the-board approach demonstrates parity and equally high standards required for every staff member in whichever role that might be.

Particularly in sectors where services are provided to the public and there is potential for your staff to interact with vulnerable people, it has never been more critical to build in recruitment practices as a fail-safe against poor standards.

Security checks are now considered the norm. With increasing awareness of identity fraud and falsifying documentation, conducting background screening is the only sure-fire way to know that every team member meets your employment standards.

BPSS screening is an essential prerequisite for many professions, so it is typically conducted during the pre-employment phase. However, along with recognising that screening is vital for all team members of any nature, it's also important to reiterate the need for ongoing checks. Indeed, recently we have seen an uptick in requests for continued vetting throughout a period of employment as employers become increasingly aware of the benefits of understanding who is working for them throughout the duration of their working relationship.

Making background assessments a general part of your operational human resources management policy is a robust way to showcase your commitment to excellence in all areas. Whilst initial background checks on appointment remain critical, being able to review those assessments periodically will ensure you have the utmost faith that your employees and business representatives are the right people for the job.

For more on this, see our blog on the importance of re-screening.

At Secure Screening Services we aim to take the complexity out of the BPSS screening process to ensure that you are employing people who are entitled to work in the UK and who possess the honesty, integrity and values you demand. Our user-friendly and GDPR compliant online screening portal can be accessed anytime, anywhere, ensuring the prompt turnaround times you need. Upon completion, we provide a full PDF report for your own records and as proof of BPSS clearance for clients or auditors. With our knowledgeable and professional staff on-hand to answer any queries you may have, applying for a BPSS check has never been simpler.

BPSS checks are a core part of what we at Secure Screening Services do, and we have many years of experience in handling sensitive information with the utmost professionalism, ensuring regulatory compliance. Our team is there to support you every step of the way and our comprehensive pay-as-you-go BPSS screening package will ensure your confidence in your people and allow you to fulfil your legal and regulatory obligations, all for just £89.50 per candidate.

Secure Screening Services recognises that the responsibilities of managers and employers can be heavy - yet it remains crucial to carry out diligent BPSS background checks and assessments on any prospective team members. It's also particularly vital when your organisation employs staff that may hold positions of responsibility, with a duty of care to your end service users.

The focus of BPSS screening checks is to provide you with the peace of mind you need to proceed confidently with appointments, safe in the knowledge that every candidate has been through comprehensive BPSS assessments.

Our service is designed to work for you and provide a system to alleviate the administrative and time pressures associated with screening your staff - so you can focus on what you do best.

Our BPSS assessments are not intrusive, won't stall your recruitment programme, and are conducted with the utmost respect for privacy.

We work fast, and we're thorough.

If you have an urgent appointment or need an expedited BPSS screening service, please give the team a call so we can advise on the quickest possible turnaround times to ensure you're good to go.

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